Matte powder nail tip nails are a bold shape, with complex nail art and a color that looks great. These nails use a soft pale pink color that contrasts with the bold nail shape. This combination is perfect. With such nails, you can have two advantages at the same time, both beautiful and ferocious.

Silver glitter nails have a little shiny nails, do you like it? Then our next choice is it. This nail art is characterized by long stiletto nails covered with silver glitter. It looks like holographic, giving them a sense of fashion and the future. We like these and think they are a great way to make you radiant.

Black long nails Our next choice is bold and stylish. These pointed nails have distinctive black nail polish and colored key nails. This is a sleek look that can be recreated in any color palette. This kind of thing is very interesting, but very chic and suitable for everyone. Take this photo as your inspiration for your next appointment to the salon, or try it out at home.