I saw a messy home, I want to clean up but I don’t know what to do? Or worry about how a small house can put down a lot of daily necessities? It’s not that you can’t do it, but you don’t have the mastery of storage. I have collected some effective storage pictures for you, hoping to help you.

There will be a lot of cupboard space in the house. If it is full, it will be very difficult to handle it. It will be wasted half of the space. In this kind of three-dimensional space, we can put some small baskets that can be slid in the space. When we make full use of the space, we can also classify them easily and conveniently.

The inside of the door of many cabinets is a space that is usually neglected. If you hook some S-shaped hooks on the inside of the door, you can hang a lot of small objects, and you can’t see anything after closing the door. By the same token, the cleaning tools in the storage room can also be stored in this way.