The blue metal pointed nail blue is a popular color that is suitable for everyone and is fashionable in every color. If you like blue, our next choice may be for you. These vibrant blue nails will make you look even more dazzling on any occasion. Nail art like this is perfect for summer. You can repaint such nails in any shade of blue.

Pink and silver nails pink is a very beautiful color and a popular choice for nail art. One of the great advantages of pink is that it can be used with almost any color. These pink pointed nails are paired with light silver nails. Silver and pink are perfectly matched. A little deeper pink is also possible, so try some different colors to create a new look.

Light pink and crystal nails are amazing in this nail design. This is a very amazing crystal art. This sparkling and glamorous nail art is perfect for parties and weddings. It is also a good choice for women who just want to dress up beautifully. You can also reproduce it with a darker color.