Many families prepare a room as a study when they decorate their home. Even if the area is small, an area will be prepared in the living room as a place to study and work, separated by a bookcase, or separated by cabinets, curtains, and the like.

Due to the special function of the study, it requires a more serious atmosphere. However, the study is also part of the family environment. It must be consistent with the decoration style of other rooms, revealing a strong sense of life. Therefore, as a home office, the study requires the characteristics of the office environment to be displayed while displaying the personality, allowing people to work more in a relaxed atmosphere and rest more freely.

The size and investment of the study are generally considered according to the size of the room and the occupation, identity, and collection of the owner. If the room is limited in size, it can be extended to the space; it should also be selected according to the owner’s economic affordability. Under normal circumstances, the study pursues practicality and simplicity, and does not necessarily require a large investment.