A trend in current interior design is to pursue a natural environment and introduce a natural landscape into the interior. The placement of some green plants in the room can give people a sense of vitality and harmony. Decorative plants have the functions of purifying the air, beautifying the environment, and cultivating sentiment, and selecting different plants according to different seasons, environments, and spatial functions.

In the room with some modern shelves, with white pottery pots, planting some green foliage plants, and the whole interior style is very good, it seems to have a natural and fresh feeling.

Unlike other home decorations, plants are deep enough because of their own color. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon the cumbersome mix and try to make simple modifications. The combination of green and pure white and wood color can show the beauty of plants and preserve the naturalness of plants. Adding a sense of agility to the entire deliberate space is the most special way of expressing plants.