The balcony can be said to be a more conspicuous place in the whole house. It is the place where we usually dry clothes and take a cool place. Therefore, the decoration design of the balcony is also very important. Many people will choose the design of the closed balcony to make the whole balcony more elegant.

Advantages of a closed balcony 1. Block dust, isolate noise, keep warm When the balcony is closed, there is a window that blocks dust and noise, which helps to block the effects of sand, rain and noise, and makes the home more clean and quiet. After the balcony is closed, it can play a good warmth in winter. 2. Expand the use area of the room After the balcony is closed, you can use the balcony to learn, exercise, store items, etc. It can also be used as a good place for leisure, which is equivalent to expanding the use area of the bedroom and living room, and increasing the storage space in the room. 3. Security After closing the balcony, the house has another layer of protection, which can play a role in security.

The disadvantage of a closed balcony is 1. Influence lighting After the balcony is closed, it will have a certain impact on the direct sunlight. It is not conducive to indoor sterilization, and will block the circulation of air. Especially in summer, the indoor air will not be easily emitted, causing sultry phenomenon and making indoor air in winter. Not easy to circulate, and even affect human health. 2. Separate the room from the outside world The balcony is originally a good place to cool and dry. After the closure, it will affect the direct sunlight and fresh air, and look at the distance and cool the space. It will also bring inconvenience to drying clothes.