As the name implies, the artistic background wall is a kind of decoration used on the wall surface, which is spliced into a background wall by soft bags of various shapes and colors. Household house decoration is often used in bedside, living room TV background, etc., which can greatly enhance the taste of the home and highlight the high quality of life attitude.

To make a TV background wall, you need to consider the width of the living room. Don’t make the TV wall too thick, which leads to the small living room. Also consider the position of the sofa, after determining the position of the sofa, determine the position of the TV, and then determine the shape of the TV background wall by the size of the TV.

The minimalist TV background wall can often be beautifully decorated with simple decoration. Minimalist is a special aesthetic. Although simple, it is not monotonous, and it is abandoning and complicated to create a sense of high quality.