In the home design, not every house has a balcony. The functions of the previous balcony are also many: washing clothes, enjoying the sun, storing things, stacking idle items, and even using other windows for other purposes. Later, the function of the balcony was gradually improved, and it has become an indispensable component of the household unit and entered the standard of home design.

In recent years, in addition to a living balcony for leisure and viewing in each bedroom or living room, there is also a service balcony located next to the kitchen for drying clothes and other household chores. The balcony is a place where the occupants receive light, absorb fresh air, exercise outdoors, watch, cool, and dry clothes.

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The improvement of living quality, people’s detailed design concept of home is more comfortable, safe and practical. The balcony in the traditional sense of drying and washing clothes has now become a balcony, sun room, gym and storage room. A new generation of balconies with versatile functions and rich and flexible spaces.