365 days a year, clothes and shoes will naturally change according to time. Just like the girls think that their wardrobes are always lacking clothes, so are the shoes, so they are always buying. How to put so many shoes?

The first step in storage is to take out all the shoes, and the shoes that have been damaged, worn, and not worn by others are recommended to be thrown away. The porch space is limited, so please don’t leave it to items that you no longer need. The rest of the shoes are the objects you carefully store. You can take this opportunity to do a cleansing treatment for your shoes. Scrub clean and rejuvenate your shoes every day.

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The storage is for the convenience of use, you can take your favorite shoes at your fingertips; for the sake of beauty, let each pair of shoes be placed well; for the clean and tidy home, have a good mood every day. Let us enjoy these classic shoe storage pictures together.