The concept of low carbon is getting deeper into our lives, and each of us hopes to do something for low carbon. Therefore, the use of some seemingly waste things around you can be transformed into small objects that are both creative and versatile.

Beautiful flowers and dried flowers are not only used to be placed in vases. They are very malleable in terms of decoration. They can also be made into decorative paintings. They have both stereoscopic effects and free combinations. They can be completely based on their own. I like to collage beautiful wall decorations. Dried flowers can bring beauty to life, artificial flowers are also a good choice, and dressing up small corners is very interesting.

Shells, cut stones or mosaics, beads. The shells from the beach, the buttons on the shirts, the small cut stones, the beads on the necklaces, these low-cost and trivial objects, when they are glued together, can bring a wonderful house number. Of course, you can also use this method for decorative painting, desktop, etc.